Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rachel's One Week Pictures

I wanted to get some pictures of Rachel at a week, just like we did with Hannah. I think that gives them some time to lose that "fresh" newborn look and when they start to have their own look and personality. I will let you decide what you think about if the girls look alike or not! I personally think they do! Rachel doesn't have the chin dimple and her hair and eyes are alot lighter than Hannah's, but overall, I think they look alot alike! :)

Family Pictures...

So we decided to take some family pictures on Sunday before my parents left since we realized we hadn't taken any of the four of us together yet! Let me say, with each person you add, it just gets more interesting to get a good one! :) Here are some of the better ones, and trust me we took LOTS just to get these! Now, here is a look at "the making of" these few pics:

Catching Up- Part Two-Day at Avila

On Saturday, we headed to Avila. Since it was my dad's first time in CA (and mom had only been once when we first moved here and didn't know where anything was), we wanted to show them some of our favorite places. We went to the pier to look at the pelicans, sea lions, and fish.Then we went to Avila Barn to feed the animals and get some ice cream! :)
It was fun getting out of the house and taking them to do things that Hannah enjoys and to see things you can't see in Oklahoma!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching Up-Part One!

Finally found a way around my technical difficulties in uploading pictures, so I have a ton to share with you! Since there are so many pictures, I will keep my commentary to a minimum! First are the ones of right after Rachel was born from my mom's camera! Here she is getting weighed and measured and cleaned up:Michael's hand in comparison to her little body:Getting her temp checked while they get ready to wash her off:Hannah meeting her little sister for the first time:Me and my girls:At home hanging with her PaPa:GG feeding her:One day we got out and went to the park to play and feed the ducks:One evening we went to Guadalupe Beach (aka the Windy Beach) to play in the sand. Rachel just hung out in her carseat while Hannah, GG, PaPa and Michael built sandcastles.

Stitch Fix #6

I have been signed up with Stitch Fix for a while and I very rarely order a Fix because frankly, I am just super picky. I like my clothes t...