Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oklahoma Trip-Part 2

On Saturday, Hannah and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and Grandma chased down the ice cream truck! Since we don't have a local ice cream truck in CA (that I am aware of anyways), it was a new experience for Hannah! Here she and Grandma are deciding what they want:She ended up with an orange push-up! We borrowed one of Jacob's t-shirts in case it got too messy! She loved it and ate the whole thing! :)On Monday, we went back over and played with Grandpa and Cousin Jacob. He has a blow-up ball pit with a slide that Hannah had a fun time playing with! Grandpa stuck his head through the tunnel to play with them!

They also have a magnetic farm animal learning toy on the fridge that the kids enjoyed playing with. They would take turns pushing the button to make the music start and then they would both just start dancing! They were pretty funny to watch!

Oklahoma Trip- Part 1

Hannah and I flew to Oklahoma on Friday the 26th and are having a great time! She is getting to be so much more fun to do things with and she can tell you what she wants to do (which most of the time is a good thing)! We stopped along the way at Carla and Heath's house to play with cousin Garrett. To see pics from our visit with them, you will have to go to their blog because I was too busy holding Garrett to take any pics!

Her grandparents have just played and played with her! Here she is playing on the exercise ball with GG!This was Sunday morning before church. You can see she is already working on taking the bow off her head! I really wish she would leave them in because it looks so cute! And as every morning at GG and PaPa's, she had to go and look at Lexi out GG and PaPa's window. She loves talking to the dog through the glass in the doors! :) On Sunday evening, we took Hannah out on the boat for the first time on Lake Texoma. Every time we would go across the lake, she would get sleepy and almost fall asleep. First up was Uncle Clay skiing:Hannah and I riding where we could watch him ski:GG went skiing too and then we decided it was time to play in the water. GG and PaPa had to slowly coax Hannah to get in the water. Since she got sleepy on the ride, she wasn't sure about getting in, so PaPa dangled her feet first while GG tried to show her how much fun it was:They were successful!Giving PaPa a kiss:PaPa teaching her how to float on her back:I eventually got in the water with her to play (which is a big deal because I hate lake water- too much gross stuff to think about- fish, poop, dead bodies, etc): Thanks Uncle Clay for getting in and out of the water to take our pictures! These are priceless memories that we can now share with her Daddy that wouldn't have happened without you! :)

Beach Day

Hannah and I went with some of the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group to Avila Beach on Friday, June 19. She had SO much fun! This was the first trip that she actually enjoyed playing in the sand and the first trip it was warm enough to actually play a long time in a swimsuit. In the past at the beach, we have taken some pics in her swimsuit, and then had to put more clothes on her because the wind was too cold! She played for over three hours non-stop (and looked pretty cute doing it)! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June, so far...

The first weekend in June was the Elks Rodeo and Rodeo Parade. We decided to take Hannah since this would be her first parade that she could actually focus and understand what was going on. She LOVED the horses and enjoyed watching the parade go by. We learned a few lessons for parades in the future, like sit at the start, rather than close to the end because by the time it got to us, everything was so spread out. We left after over an hour and they weren't even halfway through the parade. We knew that the rodeo was at 2 and if we wanted her to get her nap, we needed to head home! Here she and her Daddy are waiting on the parade to start (we sat in the shade until it got to us):

Here she is watching the first few groups go by:

Her reaction to the horses:Watching for the next group:It was "Tough Enough To Wear Pink Day" at the rodeo in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, so we all wore our pink. Hannah kept trying to take her hat off in the car on the way there.At the rodeo, she loved when the girls riding horses carrying the flags would go by. She loved moo-ing at all the cows and seeing all the horses. She did really well for being so young. She actually paid attention and enjoyed herself! (Sara Burks-this proved to me that there is still hope for you to have a chance with my first like I did with yours!) Watching the rodeo:We also had an ultrasound yesterday to check Rachel's growth and they got a great little pic of her face! The arrow is pointing to her chin, the lady remarked it may be another dimple chin! :) She is measuring good, in fact if anything, maybe a little small and definitely not too big, which is good! I started insulin this week and so far it is going well. I really feel more stable on it than I do the oral medications.

Hannah and I are going to Oklahoma next week. We leave on Friday and will come back on the 6th, so anyone that is available, let us know! We would love to see you while we are there!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shake Your Groove Thing! :)

I was able to get this video of Hannah without her knowing. I like to turn on music throughout the day so it isn't too quiet in the house. I have recently found some videos and songs for kids on our cable On Demand. So, she will sing along with little kid songs (like Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat-A-Cake, Wheels on the Bus, etc), but she LOVES to dance to a more "fun" beat! I recently found these kid friendly videos of older songs. This is Alvin and the Chipmunks singing "Shake Your Groove Thing" and Hannah was bustin' a move! Notice toward the end when she lets go of her juice cup and swings it from the straw clenched in her teeth! :) Silly little kid!

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