Wednesday, February 23, 2011

JCPenney Pics

Hannah needed 3 year old pics and Rachel needed 15month pics (you know, since she is 17 months now) so I finally got around to getting them done! :) This was one of the worst trips we've ever had, but we still got a few cute ones. The girls didn't want to cooperate and the photographer was a little distracted so she missed the few brief moments when they would both look and smile. It is just how it sometimes goes with small kids. I am thankful for the few cute ones so it wasn't a complete waste of time! Rachel was saying "Hannah" while pointing to her sister:Come on mom, do I really have to hold her??Cheese!What, you want me to sit?? Crazy people, you make me laugh!No, I won't smile, thanks!Mom's bracelet, a momentary distraction to keep me sitting...Oooo- a book!How many more mom?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jazz Game

Michael and I are so excited that this month (February) we are blessed with two very special date nights! The first one we got to enjoy the weekend before Valentine's Day at a Jazz Game. A guy Michael works with gave us his tickets to the game (Row 15-the seats right above where the Jazz come out) and his tickets to the club inside (which got us dinner and drinks and dessert and popcorn at halftime)! It was lots of fun and it was exciting that it was the first game without their coach of 23 years, Jerry Sloan. Karl Malone was also there on the same side we were, just 15 rows closer than we were! :)
And of course the Jazz Bear had to pull a "fun stunt" during one of the breaks and I got it on video.


Rachel really enjoyed it! :)
Silly little kid! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Gale Center

We went with Jenni, Gunner and Georgia Drew Morgan to the Gale Center. It is this really cute little building that is set up with little areas that the kids can play in set up like things from about 100 years ago. There is a grocery store, school, and home as well as some small areas for extras! Hannah and Gunner played with their cute aprons on in the grocery area, Rachel just kinda ran around...
Some of these pics are blurry because they were in constant motion! This is Rachel with the cute bonnet on that she wore for all of five seconds:Gunner and Hannah fishing, poles with magnets on the end and fish with paperclips in the carpet river:Hannah and Rachel trying to squeeze in the car together (chicken coop with chickens and fake eggs to gather in the background):Hannah setting the table and getting ready to make dinner at the stove:Rachel on the bridge over the "water":Collecting eggs! :)Jenni and Gunner playing checkers (Georgia Drew in the stroller):Washing clothes with the washboard and bucket and hanging them on the line:
The kids had a great time and it was lots of fun to watch do grown up things with kids sized toys!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Monkey!

Hannah has always been fearless and liked to climb on things and people used to say, "she's a little climber," but she has NOTHING on her sister. Rachel will climb on ANYTHING she sees and I can't even turn my back for one second with her! She learned how to drag these little chairs where she wanted to get a little higher. She also pulled every animal down on the floor around her...She climbs under and on top of these bar stools!She is always SO proud of herself when she gets into things she isn't supposed to be in! :)

Snow Much Fun!

We had lots of snow in the yard, but it was really too cold to go and play in it. Then, one day, it was warm and kinda rainy and when the rain stopped, we decided to go for it and take the girls to play in the snow. Rachel wasn't exactly great at moving in all her gear, but it was really cute to watch her waddle!Since it was really wet snow, it packed really well! Michael decided to make a really big snowman.The girls got out their shovels to "help" dad make the snowman!And it just kept growing:Then we decided to get creative with his clothes and make him a cowboy! :)Rachel couldn't keep her hat on straight:Then of course dad had to tackle the girls in the snow...
We had the best time playing with them! :)

My Favorite Twin Friends! :)

I loved that on this trip back I finally got to meet Starla's little girl Adalyn! She is so cute and always dressed to perfection with perfectly coordinated head gear! I got to see her briefly in November while Starla and James were in for Thanksgiving. Rachel loved seeing the "baby":Then the week after Christmas, Sharla, Starla and I were able to go on a girls night and go eat dinner at Olive Garden and just hang out without any kids (such a rare treat)! I have a pic of me and Sharla, but for some reason not the one of me and Starla:Here is one of them both so you can see how cute they both look! :)After dinner I got to spend some time with Miss Adalyn and make my mark as her favorite "honorary aunt." I am so blessed to have these girls (and their family) in my life and can't imagine doing life without them!

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