Wednesday, February 27, 2008


OK, so I will be going in for surgery on Friday to have my gall bladder removed. I am sure most of you are a little shocked at this point, as you should be! I went to the ER last night/this morning at one because I had been in severe pain since around 10 pm. They ran some tests and did an ultrasound and apparently the pain I was having was a gall bladder attack and my gall bladder is full of stones (the tech referred to it as gravel). They were surprised I wasn't having more problems because I had only had one other attack (thought it was heartburn at the time since it only lasted about 15 minutes). It is so full that it is inflamed and so they want to take it out immediately -plus they want me recovered before I get on a plane next Wednesday. I will find out the surgery time tomorrow, but it is outpatient so I will be home Friday night and will spend the weekend recovering. One of my best friends, Cindi, is having surgery tomorrow, so maybe we will have a recovery party and watch chick flicks over the weekend. So, keep the prayers coming for me and Cindi!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feb 26th

Well, I meant to type a new post after her first week here at work with me, but it just didn't happen! I finally got my camera out this morning and just took a few pics to show you where Hannah gets to hang out with mom at work. This is her in her car seat under my desk. She was in such a great mood this morning and kept smiling and being all cute, so I took some more pictures! She has been such a good baby at work. She hardly cries and has slept well in her car seat. The first day I pulled a swing up from the nursery, but she didn't like it as well as her car seat, so since then, I have just put her down under my desk for naps!
Sunday, the 24th, was our 7th wedding anniversary. Michael bought me a dozen red roses that I was going to take a picture of for this post, but if I am ever going to get an update out, it is going to have to be without that picture! Some days I can't believe we have been together for nine years and other days I can't remember what life was like without him, and most days I wouldn't want to!

Also, last post I asked you to pray for us as we make some big decisions and now that the people I work with know the scoop, I can share some more details. Michael got a call on Feb. 4th about a job opening in Santa Barbara, CA, that the safety director wanted him to interview for. It is still with Granite, but he would be the manager over the safety department there (so he would have his boss's job over that branch). So, on March 5th, Michael, Hannah and I will be flying to Santa Barbara for Michael to interview and see if he wants to accept the position or not. They wanted me to come with him to make sure that I would be OK with moving there before he makes a decision. So we would ask for continued prayer for safety while traveling and also that we would know clearly God's plan for us. It looks like if Michael takes this job that I would be able to stay home with Hannah, which is my ultimate goal no matter where we live. Also, this is Hannah's last week to get to come with me to work, so we luckily have it worked out for a friend of mine (that is a stay at home) to keep her on Monday and Tuesday before we leave and as long as needed when we get back. Thanks for the prayers! Kim

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb. 10-17

This past week Michael's parents, Johnny and Rhonda, came out to visit us and Hannah. We had a great time! We drove all over looking at wildlife and saw some elk, deer, and moose, Rhonda and I went shopping and bought me some clothes since I needed something that fit and looked nice to wear when I go back to work this week and we hung out at the house playing with Hannah. On Saturday we went to Hardware Ranch (for those who don't live in UT- the Hardware Ranch is a wildlife refuge where they feed the elk to keep them from going further down the mountain into people's yards looking for food. They have a little sleigh ride that goes through the elk out in the field. The elk are wild and can come and go as they want.). The pics are of us standing in the cold in line to ride the sleigh. Hannah is hanging out in the sling to keep warm. While at their visitor center, Michael and Johnny took pictures of Hannah on top of a stuffed bear they have there. We also went to Gardner's Village one day and I found this cute hairbow with little rhinestones on it, so Hannah wore it on our trip to Hardware Ranch. I thought it looked so cute, I took about 20 pics of her that day!
Johnny and Rhonda bought Hannah some camo stuff. We put the hat on her and it is really big on her right now, but one day she will grow into it! This first picture makes me laugh every time I see it! She has the goofiest look on her face!
I also took some pictures of her last Sunday before the Wallace's came that I thought were cute, so here are a few of her in her outfit with matching hat! Also, there is one of Gary Robbins holding her and Ava Harper at church.

Friday, February 8, 2008

1 Month

So did anyone besides me wonder when I was going to get around to a new post! I have been trying to get one up all week, but then it has just been such a crazy week and I wanted to have pictures of Hannah, because we all know that is really all you check this blog for now! I finally took a few today!

She had a nasty cough last week and I ended up taking her to the pediatritian on Thursday just to make sure it wasn't anything to be concerned about and it wasn't. They said her lungs, ears and throat looked good and it was just because we live in Utah and have a dry, cold climate. She is luckily over it now and doing well. While we were there they weighed her and she was up to 7lbs 5oz at that point. Since it has been over a week, I bet she is getting closer to 8lbs now!

This week we have been faced with needing to make some big decisions for our future and so I would ask that you pray for us for the next few weeks. We want to be in God's will and also are working toward some long/short term goals we have set for ourselves and don't want accomplishing them to get in the way of God's plan for us. Can't really elaborate now, but will as soon as we come to a decision.

We are looking forward to Michael's parents coming to visit next week. It will be nice to have some extra hands while I try to get things ready to go back to work! It will also be easier to get good pictures of Hannah when I have someone else to help get her situated and smiling while I take the picture. Today I got alot of pics of the side of her head or her crying because I didn't take it fast enough! Hopefully I will get a new post on here next week since I will have extra hands in the house!

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