Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkins become Jack-o-lanterns!

Our "family" of pumpkins:Hannah digging in:Look mom! I am touching it!Daddy's pumpkin:Mommy's pumpkin:

Pumpkin Patches

This year we ended up going to two pumpkin patches. We wanted to take some cute pics of the girls and decided to try somewhere closer than Avila. The place we went had great pumpkins, but not a lot of photo op areas. So, we picked a pumpkin from the patch and got a few pics and then ended up at Avila Barn the next day! Here are the pics from the first patch. Shopping with dad to find the perfect one:Is this the one mom?What about that one over there?This BIG one is it!Helping hold it in the wagon:Rachel with the pumpkin:The owner gave Hannah one her size!
So the next day we went to Avila and got some more pictures! It is so hard to get pumpkin pics of a newborn, so we did the best we could together:

Then we worked on individual pics. Hannah was WAY more interested in climbing and looking at the pumpkins instead of smiling at mom! Rachel just didn't care:Dangling on a pumpkin...


For church last Sunday the girls wore, what I hope is just the first of many, matching outfits! I bought them this summer and couldn't wait to put them on the girls. Both are still a little too big, but I was afraid they wouldn't get to wear them in Utah much since they are lightweight.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hannah is one of the craziest, most energetic kids I know! She loves to climb and jump and make noise. This video (taken on my phone, so low quality) shows one of her new favorite things to do, drumming! She did this all on her own...

(After making drumming noises she is saying "oh, boy" over and over!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Disney- Part Two! :)

Finally was able to get this post up! Here is the post of the characters we saw and got our pictures with. We saw Goofy first:

Had to get one with Rachel too:

Rhonda took Hannah to get a pic with Pluto while I got Rachel fed:

We saw Minnie and went through her house. Hannah kept going back to lay on her plastic bed! Then we waited in line (what seemed like forever) after going through Mickey's house to get pics with Mickey! I think Rhonda was as excited, if not more so, than Hannah to see Mickey! Luckily we got to get pics with Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger all in one line! Hannah was so funny, with each of the characters she leaned in to give them hugs and kisses! It was really cute and more noticeable in some pics than others!

While we were waiting on the parade to start, we decided to have some ice cream. Hannah only got to eat half of hers before the parade started, so we took it away and I didn't get a pic of how messy she was at that point because we wanted her to get a good view of the parade...
Here she is with Dad watching the parade go by:This was Rachel during the parade, I think she liked the music too because it was one of the only times she was awake longer than to eat! :)
These next few pics are of when we were at the hotel the morning before we took Michael's parents back to the airport. These were Hannah's two balloons, one that she got at the park and one from Downtown Disney the next day. They are still floating two weeks later, so she has gotten her money's worth!Tried to get a good pic of the grandparents with the kids, but Hannah was not having anything to do with it! We couldn't get her to keep the balloon out of her face and smile. This is the best we got:

Rachel started having a meltdown mid photo shoot too:

We really had a great time and are glad that we got to go to Disney while we still lived here!

Family Pictures

We went to JC Penneys on Friday for family pictures. These are my favorites:

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