Thursday, April 30, 2009

Strawberry Festival

This past weekend was the Strawberry Festival in Santa Maria. We decided to go on Friday night because there was a chance of rain on Saturday. It never rained and we decided in the future we will stick to Saturday instead. There were things that were not set up yet and we missed the people dressed up as strawberries, but we still had a good time.

We took Hannah to the "petting zoo" area to pet the animals.
Just like at Grandma and Grandpa's, she liked the deer the best! It also helped that it was the animal least crowded! They had lots of little goats, sheep, donkey, and even a kangaroo! The deer kept trying to eat my shirt while I was taking pictures, luckily all it left was a wet spot, not any holes!

Then we walked around and looked at the carnival rides, the booths, and kids area. We decided we couldn't leave without getting Hannah some strawberries to eat, so we bought a cup of strawberries with whipped cream! This is what it looked like before eating:
Hannah getting her first bites:
Then we just kept letting her eat strawberries while we finished walking around and out to the car. This was the final strawberry by the car, notice the whipped cream all over her (and her strawberry shoes)!
I also got some video of her dancing in her stroller. There were two Hispanic radio stations broadcasting from there and each time we would walk by one of them, Hannah would bust a move! I caught only one of the times on video, but it was hilarious! :)

We also took her in this week for her 15 month check-up and she is now 30 1/2 inches and 21.8 pounds. They said that she is growing on track and in the 50th % on height and 20th % on weight. She had to get her finger poked for an iron test and she didn't even cry! I was so proud, of course, once she got her two shots she cried, but who can blame her! We are so glad that she is healthy and happy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunny Day Fun!

Hannah wore orange today in support of Stellan (from my charming kids). He had heart surgery today and people all over the world wore orange in prayer and support of him! Now, most people were able to email their pic of wearing orange into their website, however, Hannah and Lizzie had a different plan, not for lack of trying on my part! The best pic of Hannah, Lizzie walked right in front of her outfit!Then, she was too easily distracted to even look at the camera while she was doing her cheese face:Then, she was just plain distracted:Finally, she got tired of me trying and she pulled out all the drama of the fake cry:Finally, I just let her go for it in the mess of toys she dragged out this morning and I got a great pic---of her back:Then finally a decent pic from the front, still not her best:Needless to say, even though we participated, we won't be recognized on the blog! :)

Now for the title of the post: I don't know how many of you know, but where we live, very few people have air conditioning because "we don't need it here!" However, it has been over 80 degrees IN OUR HOUSE the last two days. I do not do well with being hot, so today we decided to go to Wal-Mart and get a pool toy when Michael came home and go to the pool at our complex. It is supposed to be heated, but I guess they turned it off since it has been so warm out, because the pool was freezing!! I don't know what I was thinking having Michael take a pic of me and Hannah. I mean, I don't like pics of me in a swimsuit to begin with, but being 19 weeks pregnant does not help! Hannah playing in the pool with her daddy!She had a blast! She did not want to get in at first (probably because it was so cold) but after she got in her toy, she had so much fun! She does really well kicking in the water, so hopefully she will eventually be a good swimmer. She even put her face in the water a couple of times on her own! :) Here is a video of her kicking and playing!

And playing with her Daddy:

We decided when her six teeth started chattering from the cold water, it was time to get out! Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler like it is supposed to be, but we will have to wait and find out!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Trip to Oklahoma

Ok, so this post has a TON of pics in it, so it probably should have been two or three posts, but I crammed it all into one! The first few are of Hannah on her monkey leash trying to wear her out before putting her on the plane! (Just an FYI, she still wiggled the entire time on the plane, so it didn't work like I hoped!)Once we landed we headed to the hospital to go and meet baby Garrett! We were very excited to meet him! Hannah had to stay in the waiting room since all kids are germ factories, so just Michael and I got to meet him. He was awake and I even got a few smiles out of him, just not on any of the pics! :)You will begin to notice a theme in the pictures of dogs. Hannah has the sound "woof woof" down and she loves to find dogs in books, on TV, and as many real ones as possible! When we went to Tammie's house on Wednesday, she played with their puppy Molly! Molly wasn't sure what to do with someone close to her own size.Earlier that day she played in the driveway and yard at my parents house running up and down the small hill they have in front of their house. Her dad and PaPa worked on letting her dunk in the basketball goal.Every day before we could leave to go anywhere, she would ask to see the "woof woof" and either her GG or PaPa would take her to go and see Lexi at the gate. It also turned into anytime she wanted to go and see Lexi she would go to her PaPa and point to the door and say "woof woof" and he would tell her to go and get her jacket. She would go and find her jacket and go running to him and they would go and play with the dog! She had her PaPa wrapped around her little finger! :)On Saturday morning we went to the Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt. This is one of those things that I grew up doing, so I really wanted to take Hannah! This field is covered in eggs and they let all the kids run for it and the whole hunt is literally over in five minutes! Luckily in all the chaos, Hannah and her cousin Jacob were able to get a few eggs! Her PaPa took her to get her picture with the Easter bunny...Jacob and the bunny...During the hunt her KK held her basket and when she would pick one up, she would place it in the basket and continue on to the next one. She really did much better with hunting than I though she would at this age! The downside is she really couldn't have any of the stuff in the eggs because she only has 6 teeth! She had five helpers to make sure she got some eggs!This is what Jacob was able to grab!On Saturday afternoon, it warmed up and we decided to take Hannah and Lexi to the park to play. Hannah played on the climbing structures and played in the tubes. She also went on the big swing and slide with her GG!Sunday morning we got up and went to church. Last year, I dressed our whole family in red for Easter. This year, we all wore green!We got a pic with Uncle Clay and Aunt KK!And one of Hannah with GG and PaPa! :)I tried to get some of just her in her dress, but she was too busy looking at Lexi out the window. She would go first thing when she woke up and go and find Lexi at the window and anytime she wanted to see the dog and no one wanted to take her out, we would send her to the window! (Mom and dad say that Lexi keeps coming to the door waiting on Hannah to open the blinds and talk to her through the door. I guess even Lexi misses her!)After lunch with the extended family at my grandparents house, we went over to Michael's parents and the kids got their Easter baskets. Then the boys "hid" eggs in the front yard for them to pick up. Hannah had a great time doing it, but Jacob was more interested in playing than egg hunting. Finally Michael picked him up and hung him upside down over the egg and he would pick it up. Michael would hold him over his basket and then shake him until he let go!Then we put Hannah back in her Easter dress for some pics with Jacob and her Grandma and Grandpa. The ones I took with Grandpa didn't turn out as cute and I don't want him to put an unflattering pic of him on the blog!Also, just had to show a pic of the sweet stuff my hubby brought home after we found out that it is probably a girl! My favorite flowers and a gender neutral bear, just in case! :)

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