Thursday, January 27, 2011

Leaves-Part 2

Since we arrived the week before Thanksgiving, everyone was still working or in school so Michael and I took the girls to the park. It's not very often that Michael is at the park with the girls and they loved having daddy there to play. We played on the swings:

Then Michael spun Hannah around and around on the swings!

Then we buried Hannah under all the leaves in the park. She kept giggling while we piled handful after handful on top of her! :)

It was tons of fun!

Leaves-Part 1

My girls love to play outside! Our house we live in was built in 2007 so there are no mature trees in the neighborhood. Since my parents have some large trees in their backyard, Hannah had a blast playing in the leaves the first day that we were there! She kept picking them up and throwing them into the fence where they would "stick." She also just liked relocating the pile from one side to another! :)

Rachel (yes, still in her jammies) got in on some of the fun. She enjoyed crunching them and throwing them too!

Quick Pit-Stop

Luckily on our long drive to Oklahoma we were able to stop and spend the night at the Meyer home! We went to dinner and back to their house to put kids to bed and that did not go very well. Our girls had a hard time going to sleep somewhere new and then Hannah woke up really early so we were on the road by 5:30 the next morning. Because of this, I have no pics of our kids playing together, but at least Cindi has this one of the two of us. She of course looks amazing and I look like I have entertained kids in the car for 7 hours of the day... Thanks for letting us spend the night and for being my friend! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Traveling fun

On November 19th Michael and I loaded the car and headed to Oklahoma. We were packed for the girls and I to stay for six weeks in Durant and for a 22 hour drive in the car with two little ones. Luckily my car has a built in DVD player, but we also loaded snacks and toys to play with so we weren't constantly watching the TV. One of the entertainment snacks was dumdum suckers. I have learned that a little tape around the sticks keeps them from getting mushy as the kids slobber on them and keeps them from breaking. Here is Rachel with hers:And Hannah with hers (she was pretending it was lipstick at one point which is why it is all over her face):We got lucky enough for this one to take a nap in the car!I think Michael was most excited about this because we were able to get Hannah to listen to her cartoons on the headphones so he could listen to what he wanted on the radio. When Rachel is watching, he is just out of luck since she doesn't do the headphones yet. Notice her color wonder coloring and her marker lids on her fingers!But all good things come quickly to an end and this cuties was ready to be entertained once again! I think on the way to Oklahoma I sat in the front seat for maybe two hours total and in between two car seats the rest of the drive!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Chef

Hannah loves to watch Little Bear and he and his dad make pancakes and he is the "little chef" and Father Bear is the "big chef." Hannah loves pretend cooking, but at Grandma Yo's house, she let her be "little chef" to make real food and she even got an apron to wear! She thought she was pretty cool and since she has learned how to crack eggs and help make other meals. She helped shred the lettuce for the salad:(Side note: these pics properly show off her "crazy hair" and how thin and all over the place it is. She got her first haircut over Christmas and I can't believe the difference from these pics! Sorry, back to November...)

Here she is helping pound the chicken flat with the back of a spoon:
A little help from Grandma Yo to actually flatten them: It was really cute, so I decided to video her and ask her about what she was doing:


This year for Halloween the girls were zoo animals- Hannah the elephant, and Rachel the zebra. We had the zebra from Hannah's first Halloween and we found this elephant costume for $3! :) A few days before Halloween, we went to a carnival at Hannah's school. The girls had so much fun playing games and getting their face painted. Rachel got whiskers and Hannah got a peanut on her cheek. They were really cute!Hannah also got to dress up for school and since its hard to see in the elephant costume, she decided to go as a princess instead. She even broke out the "princess face" for the picture!Halloween night I took them both up and down our street (quickly because it was raining and really cold) while Michael handed out candy at our house. Here they are walking up to trick-or-treat:Here they are after trick-or-treating. Rachel was ready for bed so she was not very happy at this point.Then I took Hannah on the street behind us so that she could have some more fun. She told me about 3/4 of the way around the circle that she was cold and ready to go home, even in her warm costume with clothes underneath. Here she is about to knock on a door:

Pumpkin Carving

So, looking back, I realize I only posted most of October and not the last week. Hang in here with me while I catch it up completely. I wouldn't worry about it except I keep this as a digital record of our lives and I don't want large chunks of our life missing.

Lets start with pumpkin carving. We had a lot of fun making the girls stick their hands in the pumpkin to feel the slimy texture. Hannah hated it last year, but she did much better this year! We had both girls help us clean our pumpkins out:Then after they went to bed, Michael and I got out the sharp tools and carved them. This year we didn't go off of any pattern, we just free handed. We looked online to see what we liked from a few different patterns and tried to recreate what we wanted. Here is Michael's pumpkin:And here is my pumpkin:Both lit up on the porch with the battery operated candles:

Where to start...

November 1st? Really? That was my last post! So much has happened since then that I am not sure where to even start. The girls and I spent six weeks in Oklahoma from the week before Thanksgiving until New Years Day. I sadly took very few pics, but will share what I have! So, while I slowly back track and catch up, here are two pics from last week, one of each of the girls!
Here Hannah shows off her art from school this past Wednesday. They are studying animals this month and this was their leopard picture!

And here is Rachel playing dressup in the basement. We have taken over some of the space from our unfinished basement and turned it into a play area. It has been cold down there, but it is a great place to run and play with snow on the ground. Also, note, this kid refuses to keep anything on her head that looks cute. She is in the process of removing it as I took this picture, but isn't it SO cute! There will hopefully be lots of posts over the next few days so I can catch up once again...Maybe that should be my blog name, constantly catching up! :)

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