Thursday, May 28, 2009

How I Spent My Memorial Day Weekend...

***I just finished this post and realized it is really all over the place! Sorry, but I am too lazy to go back now and make it multiple posts so good luck!**

Michael and I decided to work some more on Hannah's "Big Girl Room" by going to some garage sales on Saturday morning. Since there were tons, we tried to hit the ones that were pushing furniture in their ads. We hit alot of bad ones, but then we hit the jackpot! We went to a retirement community where they were holding estate sales, aka- old junk, and found a great bookshelf. The best part, it was $10 and already white, so one less thing to do!Then we went to our last garage sale of the day and found a dresser and two bedside tables all for $40! Granted, it is yellowed with time and has blue and yellow flowers, but we had a plan! So, a trip to buy white latex paint and some sandpaper and we were ready to unload it in the garage! Here is a closeup of the dresser, one of the nightstands and my hubby, starting the sanding process:Then, I got to painting, and painting, and painting! Everything white!Now came the fun part! We went and had little "sample pots" (8 oz tubs) of six colors color matched to her bedding. Michael taped everything off and I went to painting some more! I love how it all turned out!Now I need to decide if I am going to leave the bookcase plain or add some fun color to it too?? I keep thinking maybe polka dots of different sizes or maybe paint each shelf a different color?? We will see, for now, it is just going to stay white!

Michael and I did however take time off painting to take Hannah to the park to play and to grill a couple of meals out on the grill! We also took a few naps while we had the chance! Here are a few pics at the park:Giving Daddy kisses before going down:Also, this is my newest sewing project! Same pattern still, but we added ruffles, made the top reversible, and did an applique heart! One step at a time! I am starting a new pattern this week as soon as I find some fabric I like!I took a few pics of Hannah playing with Lizzie today! These two are the best of friends (and the worst of enemies)! Hannah will grab one of Lizzie's toys and just run and laugh as Lizzie tackles her and licks her! They are alot of fun to watch and at least when they play, I get a few moments to rest! Last topic from the day, I went in for a Dr. appt and everything looks great. I am setting up an appointment to meet with the nutritionist to discuss my eating since I have been having a few high numbers even though I am eating low carbs. My numbers are still good overall, just a few random tests. I will get a growth scan to check out Rachel's size around 28 weeks and I really hope that she is measuring on track!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nesting in Full Swing! :)

So, as the title states, the nesting bug has settled in hard at our house! That to do list I keep mentioning got just a little smaller this weekend thanks to my sweet husband! When we first moved to CA and we didn't know anyone, we decided to go hit some garage sales one weekend for entertainment. While we were out we ran across a steal of a deal on a full sized canopy bed and decided to buy it for Hannah when she moved to a "big girl" bed. It had everything but the mattresses and it was $40 or less, so even though at the time she was four or five months, we decided it was too cute to pass up. Now, it had a few scratches and dings in the wood that I wasn't willing to sand and re-stain, so we decided to paint it to match her bedding when the time came. Well, a few weeks ago, after lots of internet and store shopping, I found the perfect bedding on and decided to get it while it was on sale! SO, now that it is Rachel for sure and the nursery will stay the same, we were able to take it out of the package and get the bed ready! Here is the bed before the spray painting began yesterday:
My hubby, working on getting the small parts covered:The headboard:And VOILA! The finished product! We have found a few spots that will need a little touch up eventually, but for now, we are pretty pleased with how it looks! I think Hannah likes it too, even though she isn't quite ready for this big of a bed yet!Here is a closer look at the colors and patterns in the bedding. Now, we have the bed and bedding, but we still are on the lookout for a cheap dresser and accessories. Plus, I still am not sure what to do with the canopy part, but luckily we still have a little bit of time! Yeah for being one step closer! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Girl for Sure!

I went in for my appointment this morning and my doctor came in and asked his usual questions and then said, "now you are having a girl right?" I said, "probably, we are waiting to confirm at the next ultrasound." So he said, "the room is free, lets go look!" So we did! And it is 100% a GIRL! Her name will be Rachel Dawn (and if you don't like it, please keep your opinion to yourself)! We are both very excited! I am also glad that I can finally get started on my to do list! :)

All Thanks to Elizabeth! :)

So, I don't know how many of you have a "bucket list" (you know, a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket), but I have a few things on my list. Some of the things I have done are to learn how to decorate cakes, how to arrange flowers, and to preserve our memories in scrapbooks. One of the other things that has been on my list for a long time is learning how to sew. Over the years I have looked into lessons, but I never had my own machine. I was going to learn from a friend or family member, but they didn't have the time or I didn't have the money!

Now, in Utah, I mentioned this to Elizabeth and she said she would teach me! Luckily, she had an extra machine she had bought for her granddaughter, and her granddaughter couldn't care less about sewing, so she brought it over for me to learn on. Well, this all happened right before Hannah was born! Since (if you have read this blog long you know) Hannah was induced three weeks early and then we moved before she was even three months old, the lessons never got started. However, Elizabeth was extremely generous and gave me that machine! It has sat in my craft closet for a year taunting me to learn how to use it.

So, about a month ago I called around to ask if anyone did lessons and found the nicest lady about 10 minutes away willing to teach me for two hours for $10/week. I was so excited and showed up my first night thinking I would just get a refresher on how to thread the machine and go in straight lines on the fabric scraps that Elizabeth had also give me. I took in all the stuff I had forgetting that I had bought some burp cloths to add ribbon to. I left after my first lesson with two completed burp cloths that we had stitched the sides together and added ribbon! So my homework that week was to make some more burp cloths to practice straight lines and to make a baby blanket (also, only straight lines). So here is my first weeks work:
The second week, we decided to tackle a simple pattern of a little dress for Hannah. So I learned how to read the pattern and we decided to trace it instead of cutting the original so I would still have all sizes. So that week we cut everything out and ironed in interfacing. My homework that week was to cut out all the pieces to make another outfit from that same pattern. We decided to do a pantsuit so I could learn how to do pants since the top was the exact same, only shorter. So I thought we would put them together on my third lesson! Just goes to show how truly amateur I really am! We got alot done, but nowhere near finished! So last night at my fourth lesson, we finished both outfits and I learned how to put elastic in the waistband and how to make button holes! SO, all of that to say, I made Hannah two outfits in a month! :)

Now, I decided to get pics of my model in her new outfits, but she just doesn't sit still anymore! I am sure you noticed that most of the last set of JC Penney pics were action shots, and so are all of mine from this morning! So here is the dress, it is a little big, but I wanted her to grow into it rather than make it too small for her to wear more than once:
A pic where you can see the purple buttons:Then here is the pantsuit! I added some cute little ric rac to it just to make it more fun and to learn how to add some embellishments: So, this post was probably way more info than anyone cares to know, but I just wanted Elizabeth to see what her generosity had accomplished! Love you Elizabeth and THANK YOU so much!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, this year marks my second year being recognized as a mom and this time it is as a mom of two! I never thought last year that I would be pregnant by the next mother's day! I truly feel blessed! :)

We went to IHOP for my special breakfast yesterday and I have a mani/pedi coming when I choose to call and schedule it! I can't wait, my poor feet need a little summer attention! Hannah and I took a Mother's Day pic after church this morning:

And I finally to Michael to take a belly pic. Gotta love him, but he isn't Cindi! She would always take 10-15 and we would find the most flattering and the best angle for the belly while still making everything else look smaller, but as a man, Michael took two and said, I got it! Luckily, this time, he did pretty good! So here is the 21 1/2 week belly: I am over halfway and feeling good. I have been able to keep the diabetes under control with oral medication and the baby is developing and measuring on track. I have been feeling it move alot lately which really makes me happy! :) I have an appointment on Thursday and we are supposed to schedule the next ultrasound while I am there. I can't wait! I am dying to know for sure what we are having so I can start calling the baby by name! I am scared to call it "her" just in case it isn't and I have a few things I want to get taken care of that I am holding off until we know for sure!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hannah 15 month pics

Here is the link to Hannah's 15 month pics at JCPenney. For those of you that don't know the drill by now, click on the link , put in my name Kim Wallace and hit enter, and then click on click here to view them. Hope you enjoy! Kim

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