Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Some of these posts are a little out of order, but at the beginning of September, Hannah started preschool. She goes once a week for an hour and a half, just long enough to have fun and give me a short break, but no so long I miss her too much! She is a non-delayed peer at a school for kids with developmental delays. They need peer models to strive to catch up to and it is good for Hannah to realize not everyone can do what she can. She is having so much fun and loves wearing her back pack to school! Here are pics from her first day:They read Spot Goes To School and colored Spot on the first day. This was her picture:

Grandma and Daddy Zoo Day

The same weekend as Rachel's birthday was the Scrapbook Expo. It comes to Utah twice a year and it is a HUGE event! Thousands gather to shop and scrapbook and since Cindi was in town, we went as much as we could! I will have to steal her pictures of the expo for another time. However, while we played, so did our husbands. Grandma, Michael and the girls met up with Tom and the boys for some zoo fun. These were all pictures from Rhonda's camera, so she isn't in any of them, but I am glad that she got some pics of the memories! I also wasn't there, so I don't have much back story to share with you, but it looks like they had a blast!

The Birthday Party

After naptime, we worked on getting Rachel in her party dress! I based her cupcake theme party off her dress! Cute huh?I had the hardest time getting her to sit still for a picture!So we worked on trying to get some cute ones in the high chair! I tried really hard to get some with her hairbow on, but she had that headband off faster than I could step out of the way. I probably have 20 pictures of her with her hands up or her bow already off...I finally took it off the headband and attempted clipping it in her fine, short hair. It was the best one we got!Once the guests arrived and we ate pizza, she got to open her presents:The other kids loved watching and trying to help!Then it was time for the cupcake! Here we were singing Happy Birthday!Then we took off the cute dress for the real fun!Caedon, Taylor and Hannah eating their cupcakes!

Then we got GiGi and PaPa on the computer so they could watch via Skype the rest of the cupcake fun!This is the final picture of the mess before the bath!We went down to our basement playroom so the kids could play and tried to get a pic of all the kids. Nothing is more complicated than trying to get six kids this little to look and smile. I have no idea how the Duggars ever get a good family pic! Here are Taylor, Caedon and Cole Meyer, Hannah and Rachel, and Eli Day! As you can tell, it didn't work too well! We had a great time celebrating our little Rachel and this big day in her life. I know that she will have no memories of it, but I will have pictures to scrapbook and show her how we celebrated her first birthday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rachel's Baby Dedication

Since we moved when Rachel was a few months old and it took us a while to find a new church home, we hadn't ever done a baby dedication for Rachel. We decided to do it on her birthday while Rhonda was here, it seemed like the best time! So here is her row of "fans"- Mike and Kathy Larsen, Yolonda and Glenn, Rhonda and Michael and I. Of course there were the people we knew at church as well that were glad to be there!Here we are on stage during the dedication. Pastor Dan was out of town, so Pastor David did her dedication. They put her cute picture on the screen while he talked and prayed for her.She seriously could not have been any better! She got up there and smiled and waved and said "hi" to everyone in the crowd! Rhonda used my camera on my phone to video the whole thing. Those of you who aren't my mother may not care to watch the video because it is longer than just a clip. That is why I posted pics, but for those of you who want to watch, here is the whole dedication on video!

Cupcake Fun!

I was trying to figure out what kind of cupcakes I wanted to make for Rachel's birthday. Since I haven't done any cake decorating/baking in a while, I looked online for some ideas. I came across a few websites for these muliti-colored rianbow/tie-died cupcakes and I thought they looked like alot of fun, so I decided to try it! So, two boxes of white cake mix and five icing colors later, this is what I had:View from the top of the mess on the stove- first batch:The finished product! :) I was so excited at how they looked!I decided that since they were so colorful already, I should stick with something simple on the frosting:Here is what the inside looked like once we cut and bit into them! Happy 1st Birthday Bug! We are so thankful that God put you in our lives one year ago!

Fall Weather Fun

While Grandma was here, we spent some time outside enjoying the weather! We went to the park to play and swing:We went shopping and Hannah got to ride on some of the toys:And we played in the backyard! :) We had lots of fun!

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