Monday, August 24, 2009

Behind again...

So, I haven't updated in a while! I am still going twice a week for non-stress tests and everything looks really good! We had an ultrasound last week and they said Rachel is on the smaller side (like Hannah). She was estimated at a little over 4lbs, so she should be between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 lbs when she is born. I am all for small healthy babies!

We are still looking at being induced on the night of the 11th and delivering sometime on the 12th. Now it is just the waiting game to see if she makes it to that point or not. My doctor thinks it is not necessary to check progress because it doesn't matter until you are in active labor, so I won't be finding out if I am dilating or not. I did get a bag packed for myself and Hannah today just in case she comes early!

This weekend Yolonda and Glenn came out for a visit and we had such a great time! I am waiting on Yolonda's pictures because mine didn't turn out very well. I will be posting about their trip soon! Gotta figure out what is up with my camera before Rachel so we can get good pictures of her! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hannah's 18 month pics!

I took Hannah today for her 18 month pictures, even though today she actually turned 19 months! I have never had such a fast turn around, I already have the link to her pictures! There were only a couple of good ones, which helped make it easier when it came time to order. She just doesn't stay still long enough to get a good picture! :) I ordered E10, P11, P7, and P1 for those of you that want to know my favorites! Just click on the link and put in my name, Kim Wallace. Then click on View Portrait Images, then click on the Click Here link and it will take you to the pics!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poor Rachel...

Poor Rachel, she is already getting the short end of the stick and she isn't even here yet! I know that the second child gets less pictures and attention than the first, because you don't have a choice. It isn't like you can totally ignore child #1 and give the new baby all the attention that you did the first one. However, I waited 11 weeks to take another belly pic for Rachel! Is that awful or what!! The other problem is that when the camera comes out, Hannah wants to be in the pics too, so it is hard to get a pic of just me! This was last Sunday, July 26, when I was at a little over 32 weeks. Also, Hannah had on a cute "hand-me-down" outfit from Carrie (that I love) for church so I wanted to get a pic of her in it! Here is Hannah, drinking her juice...So, here is how the picture taking events unfold. Michael goes to take a picture of me and Hannah comes running into the screen-bottom right!Then she begs to be picked up and held...So we take a few pictures together, none of them fabulous...Then, she finally decides to go and do her own thing long enough to snap one quick picture of me that is good enough to put in Rachel's baby book! :)As far as other baby news goes, I am currently going twice a week for Non-Stress Tests where they monitor me and Rachel to make sure she is growing and developing well. Everything has looked great and we are just plugging along! They have decided to induce on the night of Sept 11 so that I will have her Sept 12, if I haven't gone into labor before then. My doctor didn't want her to be born on Sept 11, which I thought was funny, so the 12th it is! As of today, Aug 2nd, I have only 41 days (or less) until she is here! I still feel like I have alot to do before she comes so now I am in super nesting mode to get it all done!

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