Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We Moved...

So obviously I am a little behind in my posting! The last two weeks have kinda been a blur, but we made it safely to California and are at the hotel tonight. Our stuff will arrive at the townhome tomorrow, so we will get to sleep in our own bed tomorrow night!

Lets get you caught up and start this post at the beginning:

We had dinner with Nathan and Heather Hope at Chili's. We didn't ever get to spend much time together, but always had fun when we did.

Then we went to Idaho to spend time with our friends, the Burks. They lived in Oklahoma and now they live in Wisconsin. We had a great time! Their girls are so big now! While we were there we went and saw the Easter bunny (I don't have that pic saved on this computer so I will have to post it later), went to the rodeo every night and we just hung out at the hotel pool and played in between. This first pic is of Bridee and Lainee the first night at the rodeo and they were having a blast dancing to the music!
This is Bridee, Lainee and Janea (a friend from Nebraska) in their bunny ears after seeing the Easter bunny at the mall. I had a hard time getting all three to look at me and smile at the same time, so this is the best I could do!
Michael and his three girls! For those who don't know, we would spend as much time with these girls as we could when they lived in Oklahoma. We even had their extra car seat in our car we took Bridee so often!
Sara and Hannah! The Burks got Hannah a Wisconsin Badgers cheer leading outfit and as soon as she is big enough, I will post pics of her in it! When Bridee was little we taught her how to wave her guns and say "Go Pokes" and bought her an OSU cheer leading outfit, so now it is Sara's turn! Lainee riding Rudy right before we left. For some reason this is the only picture I managed to get of Jacob during our trip. I am always glad when it works out for us to get to spend time together!
So the night we got back from Idaho, we went to dinner with the Bible study girls and their husbands (except for Kyle). These girls were in a Bible study with me last January and we tried to get together as often as possible. I love these girls! From L to R: Me, Holly, Jen and Janene. We have shared all kinds of things with each other and created a special bond. I know that I can count on them for anything that life may throw my way and I hope they all feel the same!

So, then came Easter. We took a family pic in front of the church in our Easter clothes. I matched Michael and I around Hannah's outfit! Luckily Michael had his red shirt and I took a dress from Yolonda that she didn't ever wear and it fit perfect! After that came multiple goodbyes... The first is a get together with some girls from the church. Pictured from Left to Right: Cindi and Hannah, Christina, Angie, Me, Jody, Elizabeth, and Amber. We had a party at Granite, but I forgot to take my camera and get any pictures. They put Goodbye Michael and Congrats Dave on the cake for getting rid of Michael. One of Michael's co-workers was griping because now that Michael is gone, he is going to get picked on alot more!Me and Hannah with Tonya and Caleb. (Tonya was my first best friend in Utah. We worked at the flower shop together.) Her daughter Tessa took our picture and I thought she did a great job for a five year old!
We of course had to spend some time with Yo and Glenn before we left. I have to say that I love that Yolonda's family only lives a few hours away from our new home because I know these two will visit often!! :) Hannah can't miss out on growing up knowing her Utah grandparents, especially since Yolonda cut her cord!

Once they packed our stuff on Wednesday, we moved into Tom and Cindi's basement to live until we left on Saturday morning. I tried to enjoy every minute that Cindi and I had to spend together. We went and got pedicures, played on her computer, and got in a scrapbooking night at the church. Of course no amount of time is ever enough between friends, but I know that we made the best of what time we were given. I am going to miss seeing everyone that we came to know and love in Utah, but I truly believe that I will keep in touch with all of these people that left their mark in our lives. I know that our relationships will be different because of the distance, but I have managed to keep friends from Oklahoma and I plan on keeping these friends from Utah as well. If nothing else, living in Utah has taught me that I can survive outside of Oklahoma (and get plugged in and make lifelong friends) and that just because you don't live in the same town, you can keep your friendships as long as both of you are willing to put forth the effort. I know that we will make it back to Utah to visit (and Denver once the Meyers move)! Thank you to all of you that helped make Utah home! We love you guys!

Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17th

Well, we are still working on the details of the move, but we did get the townhome! We have to start renting it as of the 20th, so we can move anytime after Thursday, luckily, we aren't moving yet! We still have some stuff to get done here in Utah before we move to California. Right now it looks like we will be moving on Saturday, the 29th, but the movers will let us know in the next few days for sure. We found out it could take them up to 14 days to get our stuff delivered to us, so we may be in a hotel during the transition, which is fine, just not as easy with Hannah. Wednesday morning is my last day at work, which is really hard to believe, but it will give me a chance to get finished with all that needs to be done before we move.

We are so excited to have more visitors! Some of our best friends, the Burks, that used to live in OK and now live in Wisconsin are coming to Idaho for a rodeo. They will be getting in tomorrow so Hannah and I will drive to Idaho on Wednesday and Michael will join us on Thursday to watch Jacob in the rodeo on Thursday and Friday night. I can't wait for Bridee and Lainee to meet Hannah! It will be so much fun!

I finally got around to having some professional pictures taken of Hannah. I have a great friend, Stacia, that took these of her on Friday. I LOVE them, I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! I also took her for her 2 month checkup last Monday and she now weighs 10lbs 3 oz. She is getting so big! Here are a few of the pics!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, we made it safely here to California. The weather is wonderful and there are beautiful flowers everywhere, such a change from the dreary snow we came from! We took some pictures the first day we were here of Hannah sunbathing and hanging out with Michael in the pool (and hot tub since it was warm and not hot). I still can't play in the water since the surgery wounds haven't fully healed yet, so I get to be photographer! Here she is in her sunglasses that her Grandma Wallace bought her...
She loved the water! Michael had her "floating" on her back and she just kept looking at him and smiling!
Yesterday Michael picked the ripe orange off the orange tree off our patio and ate it. He said it was definitely the freshest orange he had ever eaten!
Well, today was the big decision day and Michael accepted the position! We are so excited about this opportunity for our family! I am thrilled to know that soon I will be able to stay home full time with our wonderful little one! It has been my life long goal to be a stay at home mom and hopefully, it will be a permanent option until she is in school. Michael really enjoyed his time with the guys here and is excited about the promotion and what this means for his future with Granite! After he got home we decided to take Hannah over to the beach and dip her feet in the waves. Here are a few pics of our short time at the ocean.
As far as moving details go, we don't have any yet! They want us out here as soon as possible, so we are going in the morning to look at the townhouse that we picked out online and see if we like them. If so, we will go ahead and make the plans to move quickly, and if not, we will try to look at some other options, but they will probably have to fly us out again since all we will have is tomorrow. Hopefully we like the ones that we saw online to save us the hassle of driving all over and looking at dozens of places, but you never know until you look at a place in person if it is somewhere that you are willing to live or not! Well, I think that is all for now! I will post more when I know more! Kim

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