Saturday, February 13, 2010

Too Big Too Fast

I know that we as parents like to push our kids to reach the milestones faster so we can have bragging rights at the playground, but there are also lots of times that you just wish that your babies would stay babies. Since Rachel has her big sister to keep up with, she wants SO badly to crawl. She gets on the floor, rolls and scoots and tries SO hard to figure it out and then gets really mad when she just can't do it! I am not sure that I want her any more mobile than she already is, but like most things in life, I don't think I get much of a choice in the matter. Here are some pics of her playing in the floor this week. (I have learned that if I leave my camera out, I am much better at taking pics!)

Just within the last month or so Hannah has starting trying to play with Rachel and it is really cute. Here she is telling her about the corn she just cooked in her kitchen that she is holding and telling her it is hot. She then holds it in front of her face to eat it! It is really sweet to watch and makes me happy to see the bonds of sisterhood already forming.
Here is a short video of Rachel and her scooting and pushing up. She can get her legs both underneath her, even though I don't have that on this video. It just won't be long!

Early Valentines

This year the girls have gotten a few Valentine's treats already! They got cards with money from Grandma and Grandpa and a box of stuff from GiGi and PaPa. Hannah and PaPa love to "waddle, waddle" like a penguin so she got a penguin card and stuffed penguin. She and Rachel also got marshmallow suckers and a book read to them by GiGi. Here is Hannah patiently waiting for her sucker:
Where do you start with this thing??Lets try the top! She ate about a third and decided to save the rest for later! Here is a video of Hannah listening to GiGi read her the book:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Art of the Silly Face!

We went with my MOPS table to breakfast yesterday. When one of the moms brought out her camera, the older kids started making "silly faces." Hannah got a big kick out of it and decided to make some too! Well today when I asked to take her picture, this is what I got:Not what I had planned, but just as cute (maybe even a little cuter)!

Rachel Trying Cereal

Rachel got to try cereal for the first time today! Some pediatricians say start at 4mo and some say 6mo, so I decided we would go with 5mo! She had been crying because she was hungry and I wasn't moving fast enough, so her eyes are red in her before the mess picture...First bite and not sure about this stuff...Spitting most of it back out!Hey this is fun! I think I like this stuff after all! You can tell in the video that with every bite she is not sure she likes it and then spits some out.

Stitch Fix #6

I have been signed up with Stitch Fix for a while and I very rarely order a Fix because frankly, I am just super picky. I like my clothes t...