Sunday, December 13, 2009

Playing in the Snow!

This morning for Christmas, Hannah got snow bibs and a hat and gloves set, she finally got to go outside to play in the snow! Since we have gotten close to 16 inches this past week, she and her Daddy had plenty to play in and build a snowman with! Here she is in her stuff before the coat:The beginning of the snowman:She kept running around and eating the snow. I am not sure that it is super healthy for you to eat snow, but what little kid doesn't eat the snow?She took her gloves off for a little while so she could feel it and "help" Daddy:The snowman starting to take shape:Making snow angels after Dad knocked her over in the snow:The finished snowmen. She wanted to make one Hannah and one Rachel snowman. We realized that we need stuff for snowmen because they ended up with Whopper eyes, Chick-O-Stick noses and red food coloring for their mouths. We have no extra scarves or anything, so we found some Granite hats to put on them for their picture! Rachel and I loved watching them play outside from the warmth of inside the house! I am glad that Hannah has a Daddy willing to go and play in the snow with her! :)

"Christmas Morning"-December 13

First thing in the morning, we had everything ready and let Hannah walk in to see what all Santa had left for her! Here she is checking out the art easel that Santa brought her. The rest of the morning, she kept stopping opening presents to go and color for a little bit! Made Santa happy that he chose well! It is hard when she isn't big enough to ask for anything and you just have to guess!We invited Yolonda and Glenn to join us for Christmas morning and they luckily decided to come. It was great having them there to help with pictures and playing with the girls. Here is Rachel hanging out with Glenn.Hannah and I opening one of her many gifts! She liked to tear the paper one little piece at a time. It was LOTS of fun to watch her open her presents (and everyone elses too)! Playing with her travel sized Magna Doodle. We looked for a few things for her to play with on the airplane to Oklahoma and this is one of her favorites. She thinks she is writing with a pencil! :)She loved playing with the tissue paper and bows too!Here she is with her giant coloring pages. She got one Dora and one Mickey! Here is Grandma Yo holding Rachel while Hannah and Daddy helped open Rachel's presents. Yolonda had surgery last week and has to be in the neck collar for a few more weeks:Helping Glenn with his stocking stuff:Playing with her game, Elefun. It is an elephant with a fan that blows little fabric butterflies out of his trunk that you catch with a butterfly net. It takes a little more coordination than you think and Hannah is finally starting to actually catch one or two before they hit the ground. She just picks them up off the floor and puts them in her net when she misses!
I got my new computer from Michael! I am so excited that the blog will get and stay current and that I will post alot more often since I can actually load pictures on to the computer and it isn't so slow! I love it already! :)

After opening presents, we all ate some cinnamon rolls and watched the two cartoons Hannah got in her stocking, Merry Madagascar and Party Penguins. They were pretty cute and it was a great way to wrap up our "first" Christmas with the girls!

"Christmas Eve"- December 12

Since we are going to be in Oklahoma with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we wanted to have Christmas at our house with our girls before we went. We are working on deciding our traditions and stealing some ideas from our families and friends in the process. One of the traditions that we stole from my family is opening one present on Christmas Eve, always new jammies! :) Michael went and picked them out for all of us without me knowing and then he had me wrap them the day we opened them! Hannah holding her present:

Showing off her new jammies:Rachel sleeping while holding her present:Holding her jammies up for a picture:Later once they were ready for bed, we got some pictures of them together:And each by themselves:Then after the girls were in bed, Santa came and filled the stockings and set out all the presents:It was fun trying to set everything up for maximum impact when they woke up! Who knew being Santa was so much fun! :)

Christmas Card- Out takes...

Just wanted to let you see a few of the pictures that didn't make it on the Christmas card...And since we didn't do individual pics of the girls on the card like I thought we would, here are the cute pictures of each of the girls:
I love their dresses and was a little bummed when the Christmas card I chose looked better in black and white. Once I have mailed the few cards I am mailing this year (sorry if you don't get one), I will post the picture we used! :) Merry Christmas!

Three Months

Is anyone else having a hard time believing that Rachel is three months already?? This little cutie born on Sept 12: Is now this smiling happy little cutie:
It is going SO fast and I just want her to be little forever...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Its Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

...and Scrooge seems to not live at my house anymore! It first started a few weeks ago when Michael put up lights on the house! I love the way it looks! I wish there was a better setting on my camera to capture it, but at least you get the idea! He just decided that we needed to do it and went and bought everything and put them up without me even asking!Then, I asked if we could put up the tree on Tuesday night and he came home from work with a pre-lit 7ft. tree for our house! So, he and I assembled and put the ornaments on it while Hannah slept and then let her put on the angel the next day.When I went to look for a tree topper, I really wanted an angel (preferably without a face, because they tend to be a little doll like) or a fun star. I bought the angel that Hannah put on the tree because she was the prettiest I could find, but when we went shopping this past weekend, we found this cross/star with lots of bling and I had to have it! :) So, now it sits on top of our tree!Here are some closer pics of the ornaments. We put red, silver and blue balls on and then all of the personal ornaments we have collected since we have been married. We have some golf and OSU for Michael, we have Hannah's hand I made in ornament dough, we have one from my grandparents house every year we have been married, we have one even for Rachel that I got recently at a shower. I love how that they are personal and not just "pretty." Maybe when the basement is finished we will do two trees, one pretty and one personal, but for now, I love the way it all looks on our tree! Also, here is our mantle, with my Willow Tree nativity and our stockings. I am still working on getting our names on the stockings, but at least we have them! :)

This Past Week!

Ok, so I am embarrassingly (is that even a word) proud of myself for getting up a post in the week that it actually happened! It has obviously been a while since I have done that! :) Here are some cute sister pictures: Michael and I are always trying to make this happen, but as you can tell, the end result is nothing to frame around the house! Thursday night we got the chance to have Kaylee and Shayla come and spend the night. They had an overnight layover, so we were able to do dinner and play a little bit before bed. After Hannah went to bed, Kaylee wanted to hold Rachel. Here are two of the cute pictures of them together:

As proud of myself as I am about this post, there are still two from November that aren't ready yet, so you will just have to be unimpressed again! :)

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