Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gummy Bear update!

The new baby is doing great! Went for an appt today and the heartrate was in the 140's. Last week at the ultrasound it was 158, so it could still go either way. For those of you who don't know, we are calling Baby #2 "Gummy Bear" until we find out the sex of the baby. We called Hannah "Little Bean" until we knew for sure and this time at the first ultrasound the tech said it looked like a Gummy Bear, and she was right, so it stuck! The most exciting thing is that we have scheduled the anatomical ultrasound for Wednesday, April 15th! In less than three weeks we will know if it is a boy or a girl! I CANNOT wait! I have been dying to know what we are having since I found out I was pregnant. For those of you waiting on pics of the new gummy bear, well, a picture of a picture is all I have to offer. The DVD player was down at the utlrasound place, so still no great digital pics to show.

Here is the ultrasound at 6 weeks when it looked like a Gummy Bear! See the white arrow pointing to the baby?
These are from last week, 14 weeks. This was a good profile pic!This one shows it's arm up by it's face. This is how all the other pics look. The funny thing is, this is what all of Hannah's ultrasounds looked like and she still sleeps with her arm up by her face! Feel free to leave your guess in the comments! I was going to do a poll, but then you don't know who voted for what and I am too curious for that!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wallace Family Visit- Part #2

We went to Avila Beach and walked to the end of the pier and took pictures. We were also able to see sea lions again. The pictures from Jacki's camera are bigger, but she had some great ones!

We also went over to the beach and took some pictures on the boardwalk and of the kids playing on the swings!

On Sunday we headed to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The kids were able to see a few things like the giraffes. Hannah kept making her horse noise when she saw them and when I told her they weren't horses, she started roaring at them like they were lions. One day she will figure it all out!

They also enjoyed the meerkats, monkeys, and flamingos. They were down at their eye level so it was easier for them to focus on them!

The kids played really well together considering how close they are in age. They kept knocking each other over trying to give hugs and they each got in trouble some for not sharing toys, but overall, they were very loving! The car was a big hit with Jacob!

Both of the kids with Grandma, in their jammies ready for bed!

Sorry that it took me so long to get the last half of their trip posted! Now if I can get Kristen's pics (and maybe some from Cindi), I can finish Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whale Watching

We had a great chance to go to Anaheim to hang out with the Meyers! They are in town to go to Disney this week! While we were there we picked up Kristen from the airport and met up with her best friend that lives here in CA. I have been wanting to go whale watching and there is a place close to Anaheim that has half-price Tuesdays, so it was the perfect opportunity to go! Here is me and Cindi on the boat:Michael and Hannah, this is where she rode most of the trip (poor Michael)!Tom, Caedon, and Taylor with Michael and Hannah leaving the port:Kristen and Chey:A pelican landing on the water:The boys kept calling this the pirate boat: We saw tons of dolphins, probably literally close to 1,000. It was crazy!

Here in the middle of the picture you can barely see where the whale came up and got air, shooting air out his blow hole. We were able to see two whales on the trip. At first they thought that it was a mom and calf, but later they said they were mating, so obviously it was not! The whales never came more than a little above the surface, so they are easier to see in the video than they are in the pics! Hopefully, you can see it in the video, even though it goes up and down with the boat and therefore goes fuzzy every once in a while!

Cindi and I also took a belly shot! She is two weeks ahead of me and we are both starting to show a little bit! It was so much fun getting to spend time together and just enjoy each other's families! I have more pics to post of our time at Downtown Disney with Hannah, but that will have to wait until the next post!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick baby update...

On Thursday I had a Dr. appt to discuss my blood sugar issues. I have already been having some problems with my numbers being too high, so I am checking my levels six times a day (before every meal and one hour after). Luckily, everything is still controllable by diet, so no need for insulin yet. We were able to hear the heartbeat again, so of course that makes everything worthwhile! I am ready to feel the baby moving so that I can worry less about how it is doing in there! I also have another ultrasound scheduled for Thursday, so hopefully I will have some pictures to share afterwards! Right now the only ones we have are printouts and they don't photograph well!

However, the other little knuckle-head kid of ours, she does photograph well now that she knows how to cheese for the camera, so I will gladly share cute pictures of her! This was taken this morning before we went to church! I have had a little shopping bug the last few weeks and have been working on both of our wardrobes. Since she looked so cute in her new dress, I couldn't resist!You can't beat that "cheese" face, can you? I just love this little kid! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trip to Ventura Beach with Friends! :)

Ok, so it is a little out of order, but I am still waiting on pics from Jacki and don't want to get too far behind! On Wednesday, Hannah and I met up with Christina and Teri (friends from UT) that are in town for Spring Break. Christina wanted to get her kids out of the snow and so Teri decided to come along for the ride! They stayed in Huntington Beach so we met halfway in Ventura. We went to In-n-Out and then to the pier. There is a playground on the beach so we played for a little while and then walked down the pier and back. A plaque on the pier says it is the longest one in CA! On the pier we saw some dolphins playing, but they only came up a few times so it was hard to catch a picture! Here are some pics we took! Here is Teri with Ashley-Jonathan looking at the water:Me, Hannah and Christina (or Tia to Hannah):David looking at the birds: James and Hannah watching the dolphins:
We had a great time and it was good getting to chat with the girls and watch the kids play. It is great getting so many visitors, even if it is back to back weeks!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wallace Trip- Part 1- Wednesday to Friday

I didn't get Jacki's pictures on my computer before they left, so I will do this in two parts so I can get her Saturday and Sunday pics. So, lets start at the beginning of their trip. Rhonda, Jacki and Jacob got into town on Wednesday and we took them to Guadalupe, the windy beach! It is the one place we take everyone because it is just a different beach experience! This was Rhonda putting her feet in the water!Jacki and Jacob playing at the waters edge!Rhonda and her grandbabies!Siblings and their children! I really love this picture! No, it is not just an optical illusion, Jacob is taller and bigger than Hannah, even though he is three months younger!We had a great time and enjoyed playing with the kids! We spent Thursday shopping and then went to dinner for Michael's birthday. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse where they cook in front of you. The food was good, but they didn't put on much of a show. It was Jacki and Rhonda's first time so I was bummed the show wasn't better. The kids just kept watching the guy cook! It was really cute! Then a couple with a baby came in and Hannah decided that they were more interesting...The birthday boy! He is now 30! On Friday we just stayed around town and did some shopping. We were going to take the kids to the park, but it was really cool and windy so we decided to just lay low for the day. We picked up a bubble gun while we were out and let the kids play in the bubbles! It took them a minute to figure it all out, but then they enjoyed playing in them!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anniversary-Part two!

I was so excited with how my strawberries turned out that I decided to post a pic of them! I made three with hearts, and two that said I heart you (in the corners)! I thought they looked cute and they tasted yummy! Here is my new WillowTree and my very sweet card from my hubby! He did so well!This was us just having fun one night! Hannah couldn't even hold herself up with those boots on! In other news, we are SO excited because we have company coming tomorrow! Michaels mom, sister and Jacob are coming and will be here until Monday. I will hopefully be doing a few posts while they are in town of all the fun things we will be doing!

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