Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At the Park!

One day we drove to Wyoming to check out where KK is going to be this summer and on the way home, we stopped to play at the park. Hannah was not interested in having her picture made, but we snapped a few! Here she is going down the slide:GiGi's turn with Hannah waiting to catch her at the bottom:Crawling through the tunnel with her crazy hair!Trying to pose with Rachel:Rachel on the other hand, was loving having her picture taken! She got quite the photo shoot!
Unfortunately I have a few more pics on my phone and that is all I took the whole time they were here!

Snow Play!

Over Spring Break, my dad, mom and sister, and Mike, Kathy and Andrea Lee all came to Utah to ski and play! On Tuesday the weather was incredible! It was clear and in the high 60's so everyone but mom went up first thing in the morning. Later mom and I took the girls to play in the snow while we waited on everyone to come down the mountain to meet up with her and ski the afternoon. It was so hot mom and I took off our coats and were still hot playing in the snow! The girls loved it! Hannah and GiGi made snow angels, and climbed the hill and slid down! Rachel and I just watched and hung out in the snow...This is where they climbed up and slid down from!Here they are making snow balls and throwing them at each other!Here is their little snowman: It was alot of fun to be warm and still playing in the snow!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Finished Product!

I have been wanting to get the house decorated to make me happy since we moved in. Michael and I have always lived in small apartments and have never bought any decorations anywhere we have ever lived, so now that we are finally in a house, I wanted it to feel like a home and not just a temporary living space. SO, I called Kathy Lee and she came up with this genius master plan for our living/dining/kitchen area and when she came Spring Break, we finally put it all together! :) To see the before, go to this post first and see the pics. Since I loaded the pics on my old computer I can't just post them side by side for you. This is the view starting at the front door and going around the circle...Closer view of on top of the stairs (not sure why some of these pics are so dark):Going toward the dining room:
We recovered the chairs (originally beige-not kid friendly):The kitchen:I am so excited about how it all turned out! It is nice to come home to a warm welcoming house that is fully decorated and something that I can be proud of! I think Michael feels the same way about how the backyard turned out. We feel so blessed to have a yard for the girls to play in and a house full of love to raise them!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Tallest Tower"

Michael and I really wanted to get our backyard ready for the girls before spring! We ordered our window well covers and a swingset and they both are now here and ready for some fun! Michael has spent every spare moment he had for a week working on the backyard. He dug dirt out of this "garden area" that was bordered off and moved it to a neighbors backyard, then he spent hours assembling this swingset. Luckily Glenn came over on Friday and helped finish it off! The box says it takes two people 10-14 hours to assemble and Michael did 90% by himself. When he started, it was just the tower and Hannah was helping so she called it the Tallest Tower (thanks to Dora)! She had no idea how much fun she was about to get to have! Here it is all finished and ready to go:Hannah getting ready to swing for the first time:Hannah and Rachel swinging:Standing on Tallest Tower:Sliding down:Rough landing:On the double swing:After playing on the swingset we also went to the aquarium and to eat at Arctic Circle and play on the indoor playground. It was great getting to spend the day together as a family. It was WAY overdue! Now this week we are all excited and ready for our company!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trying Green Peas

Rachel turned six months old on Friday so I finally decided to start her on baby food and we started with green peas! Yolonda was over to take pictures while I fed. Some of her faces are priceless!I love this, her face totally says "you don't expect me to really eat this do you?":
At least she was still smiling when it was all over! :) Happy six months doodlebug, I can't believe how fast it is going!

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