Friday, January 30, 2009

What a Week!

It has been a pretty crazy week for our family, as most of you know. Little Garrett was born last Friday (happy 1 week little man!) at less than 26 weeks. He seems to be doing as well as can be expected and you can continue to keep up with him at Carla and Heath's blog

Hannah went for her one year check-up on Tuesday and she now weighs 19.6lbs and is 29 1/2in. The sad thing is she is already almost half as tall as her mother at one (I am only 63in)! She is growing and learning so much now! I finally have the link to her one year pictures I had made at JC Penney, so feel free to check them out. Click on the link-, enter my name, kim wallace, click view portrait images and then click on the underlined click here and it will take you to them! That is all I have for now. I hope to do a better update next week!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Recent cuteness!

Should have posted this before, but here is Hannah's Santa picture. Luckily this year, she liked him! Lets hope it stays that way!Here is Hannah just being cute! This purple dress she got from the Blockers and is now big enough to wear. She wore it to church this Sunday! And yes, she is still carrying around the frog!Cute "cow" outfit that she got from Carla and Heath. Look at the ears on the hood! :)

Happy Birthday Hannah!

On Sunday the 4th, we celebrated her first birthday! I decided on a ladybug theme because I found this cute outfit and because then it would be red, white and black and I could get a picture blown up for her bedroom! We were so glad we were able to spend her first birthday with family! We will probably just celebrate it early while we are home for Christmas in the future, but the first one is just special (at least in my opinion)! Here she is playing around the house, enjoying all the attention!Grandma with Jacob and Hannah...Party guests hanging out waiting on the pizza...GG playing with Parker Gosnell. She was born in June and almost weighs the same as Hannah! She is so cute! Eating dinner before the cake and ice cream dessert! Gotta get the good stuff in there first!Carla and her baby bump and Kathy! Kathy made Hannah's cake and she did a fantastic job! It was perfect and I was so glad that her first cake was home made with love, even if it wasn't me that made it!Parker's big sister, Rylee looking at the cake...The cake and ladybug cupcakes...Hannah ready to dig in!Hannah with her own cupcake!Trying it out, thinking she likes it...Liking it more, with a little help from KK and Daddy putting icing on her nose!Her cupcake and small scoop of ice cream on the tray...The mess at the end...Presents, after she had her bath of course!We realized that we had not taken any full family pictures while we were in town and it is so seldom that we are all in the same place and not in our jammies or sweats, so we decided after the party to take a quick family photo! We had a great time and as usual, it was hard to leave knowing that we were taking Hannah away from her grandparents, but we had stayed as long as possible! We are glad to be home and working on getting Hannah back on schedule, but wish that our home was a little closer to OK!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Extended Family- Michael's Side

We went to Christmas with Michael's extended family on Sunday and Hannah's Grandma bought her and Jacob matching outfits for the affair! I love Hannah's Christmas dress, but she is now too busy to just sit and smile. These were the pictures we took at my parents before we left for Stan and Ruth's house. Check out her thigh rolls! :)Once we got there we took some pics of Jacob and Hannah in the Christmas finest! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get two kids under one to look and smile at the same time? Let me tell you, it is next to impossible! I am ready for them to be old enough to understand the sit and smile concept...So her is the best of what we got!This will just give you an idea of what the rest of them looked like:I have to say the best one is the one where they were being held by Aunt Jacki and unable to get away, even though neither one is looking at the camera!Then we changed them into more comfortable clothes and let them play and eat.Then it was time to open presents. Michael and Uncle Stan chilling on the couch...The "older" kids opening presents...And Jacob and Hannah opening presents... We had a great time seeing everyone. Unfortunately while were home for Christmas Michael's grandmother passed away on Christmas Day. Once again, it was one of those things that we were not happy that it happened while we were home, but at least we were able to be there for Michael's mom as she went through the loss of her mom. We got to see more family than the usual few that we get together with when we are home. I loved getting to see Aunt Mary. I haven't seen since Michael graduated college! Here she is with her Granddaughter Erin!

Extended Family-Dad's Side

So, I mentioned that we went to OKC to spend Christmas with my Dad's side of the family on Saturday. We met at my Aunt Glenda's house and had a great time! The food was amazing and it was great getting to see everyone. I had to get copies from Glenda because I didn't take any pictures. Thanks Glenda! :) She did a really good job of getting pictures of each family group there. Although, I don't have any pictures of her because she was the one behind the camera...Here is our family picture.My dad's brother Don and his wife Thena, acting goofy as usual! The other two of them one of them had their eyes closed!Glenda's husband Brad and his brother.My dad, Michael, Don and my cousin John.Don's daughter Sarah and her daughter Jaylee and friend Kristy.My parents and sister.Kristen and her friend Tessa.John, Ashley and their new baby Paisley! She was so cute and cuddly!Jamie helping cook the meal! Her husband was very impressed!My cousin Jarrod holding Hannah and his son Luke while his other son Ben took a ride on his leg! It was quite the interesting set up for him! He did really good and the kids loved it. Hannah wanted to hang out with him over anyone else. I am not sure if it is the facial hair or the fact that he would take her wherever she pointed!We also got to see some extended-extended family while we were there too! My dad hadn't seen his cousins since his mom died and Glenda found out that they all lived close to the city so she invited them to dinner! It was great seeing them. We used to all get together for family reunions when the grandparents were alive, but as we have added and lost generations, we have also lost touch! It was great catching up with them again!

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