Monday, June 23, 2008

Yolonda and Glenn- The Utah Grandparents!

We were very blessed this weekend by a visit from Yolonda and Glenn! They drove in on Friday and headed back early this morning. We had so much fun, even though it was hot (record highs over 100 with no air conditioning in our house)! On Saturday we all went to Michael's work picnic at a local park. It was great getting to meet some of his co-workers and they really did a great job. They served chicken and tri-tip steak and had blow-up jumpers for the kids. They also had a face painter come and a mobile frozen yogurt truck! On each of the tables they had boxes of sand with construction vehicles for the kids to play in. Michael and the other management team served us dinner, so Michael had to wear a granite apron! Here are a few picnic pics!After the picnic, Yolonda and I headed to the mall to do a little shopping! I have had some of my most fun shopping trips with her and this was no exception! I miss having someone to go shopping with, especially someone who knows and understands all of the struggles that I go through to find stuff that fits and looks flattering! We were able to find some cute stuff and most of it was on sale! Then on Sunday, we went to church and then went home and changed so we could go and play! We drove up to San Luis Obispo and ate lunch at the Madonna Inn. We then headed down to Avila Beach and walked down the pier. On our way back down the pier we heard and were able to see a couple of sea lions. I got a short video of one of them before they moved out of sight! I have never seen one outside of a zoo, so it was a fun treat for me!

Since we were close, we stopped by Avila Valley Barn and got some ice cream and then headed to Guadalupe Beach. Those of you that follow this blog will remember Avila Valley Barn from the last post and Guadalupe Beach from when my mom (GG) and Kathy came. It is still the windiest place that I have ever been and the waves were coming in just as big this time. Luckily, it was warmer outside, so we were able to put a jacket on Hannah and get out in it. Michael put her feet in the sand and then later dipped her feet in the freezing cold water. She didn't like the cold water much! All of us were standing close to the edge when all of the sudden a wave came up much further than the rest and got me, Michael and Yolonda wet! Glenn got away, but just barely!Afterwards we headed to the house and cooked dinner and just hung out. I wish we could have had a few more days together, but I am thankful for the time we got and look forward to future trips!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Friends and a New Toy!

Hannah and I are having a great summer so far! We found out that our church does "Summer Fun Days" every Monday at different places. So far we have gone to Nojoqui Falls for a picnic and to Avila Valley Barn for berry-picking and to look at the small animal petting zoo. We are also doing a summer Bible study at the church we attend MOPS. Here are some pictures to share of some of our new friends. I forgot to take my camera to the picnic, so these are from our trip Monday to Avila Valley Barn. We rode with Amber and her daughter, HannahLee (2), and Cori and her daughter, Kaley (2). There were other moms and kids there, but all I have pictures of is our small group. The first is HannahLee picking berries!Amber was showing the girls which berries were good ones to pick and constantly cleaning berry stained hands. HannahLee wasn't liking having her fingers dirty. Her friend Kaley on the other hand, couldn't eat enough! She ate all that she picked and more! I borrowed Amber's Baby Bjorn to carry Hannah in so that we could walk around and play with the big girls. Hannah isn't quite big enough to participate in the activities, but she is getting exposed to alot and she and I are making friends!Since I had my hands free and the camera, I was able to capture a few fun moments along the way. This is Cori and Kaley, and Amber and HannahLee by the petting zoo.When we stopped to eat lunch, we also decided to try some of the homeade ice cream they make in the sweet shop! Kaley and Cori shared well- I bite for her, and a bite for mom!I think HannahLee ended up wearing as much of her icecream as she ate!Also this week, Hannah received a new toy from her Grandma and Grandpa (Michael's parents). It is a new walker/play station. The seat rotates around the table as she walks to the different activity stations. She can (slowly) on tiptoe work her way around the table. As with everything else, it is all about trying to figure out if she can get it in her mouth! So far, the piano area is her favorite because it lights up and plays music when she hits the buttons! That one obviously fits in the mouth quite well!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Oklahoma/Katie's Wedding

We had a great time in Oklahoma last week! Michael was supposed to come back on Tuesday, but didn't want to leave Hannah, so we all stayed until Saturday. We packed a lot into our trip (as usual) and came back totally exhausted, but it was worth it! I only have a few pictures that I took and then the pictures off of Kristen's camera, so I will just share the ones that I have! The first few are of Hannah in her duck pajamas playing with Kristen on the kitchen floor! Then I have one of Katie (the bride) and the moms! (L-R Leanna, Kathy (Katie's real mom), Katie, Janet (my mom) and Tammie.) This was at the bridesmaid luncheon at Leanna's house. They had shirts made that said I heart Katie on the front and mom #1,2,3, and 4 on the back!I have a few pictures of Hannah and her new cousin Jacob. They are within a pound of each other and are three months apart! They are laying on the new quilt that Michael's mom made for Hannah! She did such a great job on it!I decided for fun to take a few pictures of Hannah in the basket that she slept in when we were home in January. I posted one of them so you can look at how much she has grown! It never ceases to amaze me how fast she is growing!On Thursday night we decided to paint our toes and so mom, Kristen, Hannah and I all have matching toenails. I still crack up every time I look at her painted toes!I didn't take my camera in at the wedding or reception, but Kristen did. The only pictures of the bride and groom are fuzzy and the one of Hannah and Katie isn't great, so here is one of Clay with Katie so you can see how beautiful she looked. Then there is one of Hannah dressed and ready in her carseat on the way to the wedding and one of our family at the reception!

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