Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Point-Part Two

The real Tulip Festival! It was beautiful, everywhere you looked was just amazing, and they are only at 65% bloom! Hannah made sure she and Holly smelt the flowers right in the beginning:There is a hillside that has lots of red flowers in bloom and columns at the top. We put the kids on the hill and tried to get some cute pictures. We did all three for a few pics:And some of Rachel and Sam:And some of Hannah and Rachel: There is an outdoor amphitheater and waterfall. Hannah ran up and down the hill and rolled in the grass with some big kids that were there on a field trip. While she and Grandma Yo played in the grass (pics and video to come), Holly took a pic of Rachel and I in front of the waterfall.I had a real hard time getting Hannah to cooperate and take any good pictures, but managed to get a few of her by herself. One however, is still with her monkey leash on! I know that these would be better cropped, but I am lucky if I get a chance to get them posted, much less edited! :)

Thanksgiving Point- Part 1

Ok, so normally I wouldn't tell on myself for being a goober, but this time I will! Yolonda and I decided on a whim instead of going to the Children's Museum, we would go to the Tulip Festival today and invited Holly and her son Sam. So, we get to Thanksgiving point and start walking around the garden area and looking at all the pretty flowers thinking we were at the Tulip Festival. We are taking pics of the kids and waiting on Holly and Sam to get there. So here are the best of the pictures that we took.Here are my favorites:
So, back to what I am telling on myself for. We get a call from Holly that we are in the WRONG place! We are just at the garden and not THE gardens that is the official tulip festival. Once we got to the right place it was AMAZING!! I can't help but compare it to life. We think that something is great and we are making the most of our lives, but God has something SO much better just around the corner if we just listen to him and go where He leads us instead of trusting our own sense of direction! The real festival pics to follow...

Michael's Half Marathon

This past Saturday, April 17, Michael ran in the Salt Lake City Half Marathon (13.1 miles). He has only been training since January and so the girls, Yolonda and Glenn and I went to see him finish! We rode the train since there were 22,000 people that were registered to run in either the 5K, 10K, half or full marathon. Hannah loved the train and Rachel fell asleep on both train rides! :) Here we are on the train:Hannah with Grandma Yo:And Grandpa Glenn:Once we got downtown, we just tried to get as close to the finish as we could where we could still see Michael and he could see us. Here we are waiting:Here he comes! He is the one waving in the black pants:As he got directly across from me, he looked at me and said, "I am going to die!" Of course I caught that moment on film! But we are so proud of him! He finished in 2hrs 7minutes! While we were waiting on Michael to get his stuff together, we ran into the Signing Time frog. Hannah didn't know who he was, just that there was a really big frog, so we tried to get a picture...They say it is addicting, and I guess it is true because he is already signed up to do another one in Ogden on the 15th of May!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Part Two- Church!

This morning as I got the girls dressed, I took three pics of each to text one to our moms and to have a picture of them in their dresses in case they messed them up before group pics after church! I think it is hilarious that these are in the exact order I took them on my phone and the first of each is my favorite-but fuzzy, the second they are looking down and the third they are holding their dress! :)Then after church we attempted family photos. I was just going to post the best one and call it good, but the best one of each of us is a different photo and there isn't one that we all look our best in! Plus, this just shows the joys of the family photo! We started standing, but with wiggly kids, that didn't last long...Then we had a hard time getting everyone with their eyes open, looking at the camera and not making silly faces! :)This is as good as it gets this year! Hope you had a great Easter!

Stitch Fix #6

I have been signed up with Stitch Fix for a while and I very rarely order a Fix because frankly, I am just super picky. I like my clothes t...