Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

On Monday, while mom was here to help, we took the girls for their annual pumpkin patch pictures. Even with two people, it was totally crazy! We laughed and laughed and got some hilarious pictures of the girls! We got a few that will work for the scrapbook, and in the long run, that is what matters right? Here is one with their heads in the wooden cut out:Here are the best (out of 254 mind you), not overly impressive, but cute if you don't care that your kids are not looking at the camera! :)We thought maybe we would have better luck with individual pics of the kids, and we got a few good ones that way:This is one of my favorites even though it is obviously not "frame worthy" for the house. It totally sums up how they acted the whole time. Rachel making every funny face in the book and being silly and Hannah giving us the "cheese" we kept asking for while totally distracted by everything else going on around her! I have over 200 pics that if I could put in a flip book or turn them into a movie would have you laughing for hours! Then, I played with one of the free apps on my phone and came up with these! :)This one is now totally frame worthy:

Silver Fork

Sunday night we headed back up the mountain to Silver Fork Restaurant and ate out on the back deck. Luckily they had heaters set up to sit under and enjoy our food. It all was delicious! We each had something different and we all loved what we got! Michael took this pic of the view we had while eating:Rachel was having lots of fun eating outside:Here is the view of the deck from the parking lot! Such a cute place to eat!

Bridal Veil Falls-Part 2

At the bottom of the hike, we set up our picnic! Hannah wanted to have a picnic with GiGi so we packed up one before we headed out and set up at a picnic table by the parking lot!
It was a great place for the girls to run around and eat lunch before heading home for naps! :)

Bridal Veil Falls- Part 1

On Sunday morning when GiGi was here we decided to skip church and head up to Bridal Veil Falls. It was a super short hike and it was lots of fun with the girls!The waterfall is at the top then the water continues to cascade down the rocks at the bottom. It was amazing that this is just a half mile hike from the parking lot!Mom took Hannah down on the rocks to play with her "walking stick" in the water!Michael took both the girls out onto a rock in the middle of the water. He got his feet and jeans wet in the process, but they loved it!Here is a full view of the falls, with mom and Rachel:And Hannah and Michael in front:The view if you turn around away from the falls, incredible both directions!Here is an unobstructed view of the falls:On the hike up, this is the preview you get of what is to come!Walking down the path to have a picnic! :)


I decided that we needed to make a cake to celebrate GiGi's birthday and we wanted to try something new. She LOVES carmel (so do I) and chocolate so we decided to melt carmels and put it in between the layers of her chocolate cake. So, we started unwrapping and let Hannah help. We gave her a half a carmel to try worried about how much effort is involved in chewing and kept waiting on her to finish it. It seemed like it was taking her forever and not getting any smaller:Then we saw it happen, she snuck a few more in her mouth when no one was watching. We caught her eating at least three after we realized she should have been done with the half already! No telling how many she actually ate!We had Glenn and Yolonda over for dinner and cake. I realized that I didn't have any plain candles, but I had a 1 from Rachel's birthday and a 2 from Hannah's so we decided to make her 21! :) Since we had extra carmel left over after putting it in the middle, we decided to add the rest on top! It was seriously delicious! She blew out the candles and we got to eating! It was really good and now I plan on making some other minor adjustments and trying it again in the near future! This also gave GiGi a chance to watch Rachel eat cake since she missed the birthday party! I think she may have like it too!

Silver Lake- Part 2

My mom came to visit over her birthday weekend this month. We took her to our new favorite spot and were a little surprised to find snow! It was much cooler on the mountain that we expected and Rachel wasn't in the best mood, but we made the most of it and still had a great time! Michael snuck up behind Hannah and scared her right before this picture was snapped! And Rachel cried on the same rock, like I mentioned, she was not having a great day...I love this picture!Hannah called this tree stump her new home!She was determined to have Rachel come live there too, but she wasn't going for it!We decided to take one of the hikes off the Silver lake path. We headed up the trail to Solitude Lake, but never made it. We were very slow moving since Hannah needed to climb on every rock we saw and Rachel started losing it, then we hit snow and decided we had seen enough of the beauty God created and headed back down. Maybe in a year or two the girls will be big enough to do more hiking!

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