Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary! Michael surprised me this morning with a card and a WillowTree figurine! I saw some guys in the strawberry field picking yesterday so my plan was to find a stand that was selling them! I went and got the chocolate to make chocolate dipped strawberries and then found a stand open right by our house. I bought a half flat of big pretty strawberries and set them on the seat next to Hannah. I didn't think she could reach them, but boy was I wrong! I hear her making noises and going "mmmm" and turn around to see her going to town on a huge strawberry! I had to wait until we got home to take a pic and by that point it was over 1/2 gone! The second one is my favorite!Once we got inside, I washed off a few and handed her one without the stem and she ended up eating three more! She did really well and LOVED them! It will be fun to take her to the Strawberry Festival this year, I doubt she will sleep through it like she did last year! At least she likes fresh fruit like her mother!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hannah and her baby!

She is going to make a great big sister...
Well, maybe not yet...
But hopefully she will be ready by September when she becomes one!I am currently 10 1/2 weeks and everything looks good! I had my third ultrasound on Thursday and it looks like a little gummy bear with a heart rate of 155! I am a little overwhelmed at the thought of 2 under 2, but I am hoping for lots of great advice from those of you that have been there!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day!

For three days before Valentines I dressed Hannah in red and pink to celebrate! You know the cabinet with the tupperware that I talked about in my last post, well, Hannah decided she would try to fit in that cabinet. She then got stuck and like any good mother, I took a picture before I rescued her! :)On Valentines Day she wore this cute outfit that says LOVE and has a heart shaped zipper! She has had a runny nose for the last few days, so we didn't go anywhere but the grocery store. We cooked steaks and ate at home. It was the perfect way to spend V-Day! :)

I wanted to get some cute pics of Hannah and show all of you her "cheesy face"! It is a new thing she does ALL the time. She will just be playing and look up at me and CHEESE! It is SO cute! So here are some regular smiles:And here are the cheesy ones: So much has changed since last year:

Friday, February 6, 2009


The other night Hannah was playing with her toys and decided to just crawl in the basket and have a seat. She is such a knuckle head sometimes! :)We "childproofed" the downstairs and there are two small cabinets on each side of the oven that we couldn't put a latch on, so I just moved all of my tupperware into one of them and my stand up cookie sheets are in the other. Hannah has gotten very good at taking all the bowls and lids out and spreading them all over the kitchen and living room. I am constantly re-stacking them and putting them away, but five seconds later, they are all back out! Here she is playing with them and a view of my floor afterwards. Also, she got a bath time basket ball hoop and I stuck it on the dishwasher and she loves it! She carries the balls around and puts anything small enough in the net!Hannah, like her mother, loves pasta! Today for lunch I made some penne noodles with sauce and some garlic toast, so this is the result...Check out where she rubbed it in her hair...She was very happy about the meal! This is one of those things that I would much rather feed her and avoid the mess, but I am slowly letting go and letting her make the mess. I know it is the only way that she will learn!

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