Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good clean fun!

It was almost bedtime and Michael had just finished mowing the grass and turning on the sprinklers. Hannah  decided to run in them for a second before putting on her jammies. She had the BEST time running around and was soaked.

 This is a look of pure joy!

Tulsa again...

We went to Tulsa twice! Once for the graduation/wedding weekend and again the next weekend for Clay's graduation and two baby showers for Kristen. This is the hope and goal of every car trip!

 Then the girls played in the hotel room. We got adjoining rooms and the one they gave us is the handicapped room. The girls could actually reach the ironing board and thought it was a great surfboard.
 Uncle Heath played hide-and-seek in the closet with Rachel!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was a little different, no sleeping in, no special church made gifts, no "fuss" was made. We were in Tulsa because my little sister graduated and Lacy Olson got married on the Saturday before so we got up and had the free breakfast at the hotel. The only thing that was marginally redeeming was that at least my mom had all her kids with her! We left the hotel and went to help move some stuff at Kristen's house and got on the road back to Durant. After being up until almost 11 the night before and riding in a car for over three hours, the girls were needing to burn off some energy and do something to stay awake until bedtime, so we decided to go for a really short walk. I was able to get this picture of my mom and my girls and it is one of my favorite pictures from our trip!

Bella Rose

While we were in Oklahoma we were able to be there when Clay's girlfriend Katie opened her new salon, Bella Rose. I took the girls by to see it and they loved her empty back room to just run around. Clay put this ribbon bow on Rachel's head and she actually left it on for more than two seconds!

I then got the pleasure of going and getting my hair done at the new salon and she did a great job! :)

The Ice Cream Truck! :)

The ice cream truck came by grandma's house while we were playing outside and we couldn't resist! I'm glad we didn't because it was GOOD!
 Rachel and her orange push-up!
 Kennedy got a push-up too!
 Jacob and his Spiderman popsicles...
 Hannah and Peyton got Dora popsicles!
 Aunt Jacki liked her ice cream too!

Playing at Grandma's

Jacob and Hannah eating their suckers!
 Grandma was a great sport at playing "horsey" for the kids!
 Trying to get the kids to all say "CHEESE!"
 They did much better when it came time to do the silly face!
 We spent time playing in the yard, this time with Peyton and Kennedy...
 Brett took pictures from the deer
 So all the kids wanted on the other one!

 Snack time in the back room...
 Miss Kennedy, she is getting so big!

Park Play with the cousins!

We were lucky enough to go the the park with all of the Wallace cousins. Rachel was finally able to climb and slide by herself and it was great!

 Hannah and Jacob loved running around together and playing on the slides!

 The next day we met up with Brett, Beverli and the girls to play at the same park again!

We tried to get one with the three girls sitting on the end of the triple slide, but it just didn't happen. One of the many joys of all the kids being 3 and under!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cute Pics of Rachel!

We were playing in front of the doors at my parents and looking at the dogs, but Rachel just looked so cute, I couldn't help taking her picture. I love this outfit I bought from a high school friend!

 Then she played "dress-up" in one of PaPa's t-shirts!

More Food!

So, we love Roma's Italian Restaurant and the girls really love the spaghetti! Here is Hannah:
 I feel like that picture just says it all! The other things always on the list are George's burgers, Salita's, and JJ's shaved ice. I didn't get pictures of any of those, but the shaved ice at the park:

Next time we will have to go to Chuck's or Bob's to get us some good catfish! As a side note, is it sad that the good catfish comes from places named after rednecks??

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