Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Huntington Beach

Well, we had the great privilege of spending the weekend in Huntington Beach with Yolonda and Glenn at her sister's house. She and Glenn were house/dog sitting for her sister while they are on vacation and invited us down to spend a few nights hanging out with them. We went down to the pier and ate at Rubies (awesome Chocolate Turtle shake by the way) and drove along the beach a little. We were able to go to, as Glenn put it, the "Cadillac of swap meets" and walk around. I ended up with a new wallet, but mostly it was fun just to look! Yolonda and I got the chance to talk and catch up, which I always enjoy, and we just hung out and played with Hannah! Michael and I both talked about how nice to just get away for the weekend. Her sister's house is amazing and only a few miles from the ocean! We felt blessed to be able to just go and hang out with Glenn and Yo! Once again, I was a slacker with the pics and hope to get copies of Yolonda's pictures to fill in the gaps! I really have to start getting my camera out more...

Since we are talking about how much we love our time with the Poret's, I wanted to get it out that Michael, Hannah and I will be spending Thanksgiving in Utah with them. We are hoping to arrive in Utah early Wednesday morning and leave on Sunday morning. I doubt that we will make it to church on Sunday, but maybe we can squeeze in some time with the people that will be in town for the holiday!

Oklahoma-Part 2

Well, it took me a little longer to get this post up than I had planned, but since having Hannah, most things do! This trip "home" I decided that I was going to quit running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to see everyone and just catch people if and when their schedule coincided with mine. It was great for Hannah because she was able to get in her naps and be in a good mood which is SO much different than our last trip home where she hardly napped at all and at night (when we were at my parents or Michael's parents) she was so cranky and unpleasant to be around. I decided that wasn't fair to Hannah or our families (since after all they were the ones we were coming home to see) to get her cranky so that we could see all of our friends. So, I didn't get to spend much time with friends and there were lots of people that I would have loved to see, that I didn't get to, but there were a few that I did get to see. I unfortunately don't have many pictures to share, but I do have a few.

First, Hannah and I were able to meet up with Janna and Jodi and their kids at the park. Hannah and Joslyn are only about 6 weeks apart. They were so cute together! I couldn't believe how big Janna's kids are now! It was a really good visit. After we left the park, we went straight to Carrie's house to hang out with her, Rylee, and Parker (and don't forget Joey!). It was great getting to hold their new addition, Parker! She is so cute and little! Rylee was cute too with all her new words and tricks that she can do!
Once again, since I don't have many pics from Oklahoma, I stole a few from Kristen's camera. Here is one of Hannah with my mom (GG). She loved mom's necklace!
Also, here is one of the ones she took of Hannah at PaPa's office. We went and visited him and Kristen thought it was cute how little she looked in his big leather chair.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back Home...

Back home has come to have two meanings in my life and I have done both this past week! To me, home is where your family is. At this point, Michael and I have our families in OK and we have our home where we live. This past week, Hannah and I went "back home" to Oklahoma for a visit and now we are "back home" with her Daddy!
So, lets go through some of the events and photos of the past week. First of all, our layover was in SLC both directions, so we were in all three states that I have lived as we traveled. On the way out, we had a long layover and we were able to see Cindi! We haven't gotten to see her since we moved and it was SO great getting to spend some time with her, even though it wasn't near long enough! She and I split the best sundae ever and we were able to talk a little and she got her snuggles in with Hannah! It was hard saying goodbye again, but we had a plane to catch. I have learned with living far away from loved ones that it is always hard saying goodbye when you don't know when the next time you will see each other will be.
On this trip, Hannah finally started to figure out how to hold her own bottle! It started with the baby food feeder (show in the picture on the airplane) and has gradually moved to her milk bottles! She still wants you to hold it for her and I am more than happy to do it because I love our time snuggling while she eats, but it is nice to know that she will if she has to!

We flew into OKC airport instead of DFW this time. Since our flight was so late, we were able to stay at my Aunt Glenda's house. She has this fabulous house about 10 minutes from the airport. She hadn't gotten to meet Hannah yet, so it was great getting to spend some time with her. We also stayed at her house the night before we flew back to California and got to see my cousin John and his wife, Ashley. They are expecting their first child, Paisley, next month. For some reason, I didn't get any pictures of them with Hannah, but here is one of her with Aunt Glenda!

On Saturday when we got to Durant, we went to Michael's parents house. It was funny seeing Hannah and Jacob interact with each other. She is so mobile and he isn't, so she would go and steal his toys or his pacifier and roll away! She would try to grab his ears or pat his back, it was hilarious! Here is a pic of each of Michael's parents holding both of their grandkids!We got to see Carla and Heath on Saturday before they headed back to Dallas. I was glad they were able to come up and see us, even if it was just for a few hours! Once again, I don't have pictures with them to show you. I seem to not take as many pictures as I think I have when I go back to Oklahoma and so when I go to download them and make a post, I am always disappointed that I don't have the pictures that I thought I did...

I did get some pictures of Hannah posing in one of her new outfits! Only the few of us that were there know why she was such a good poser in these pictures...

I have a ton of pictures of the day that Hannah and I spend with Grandma, Jacki, and Jacob. We went and had some pictures made of the two of them together in their semi-matching outfits. Jacki bought Hannah a onesie that says "sugar and spice and everything nice" and Jacob's says "frogs, snails and puppy dog tails". We couldn't ever get them both looking and smiling at the same time!
Ok, I have more pictures and stuff to post, but I don't have time right now, so I will stop here and make another post later...

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